Alistair Andrews-Bass/Vox, Bongani Sotshononda-Marimba/Vox, George Werner-Keys, Ivan Bell-Drums & Lungiswa Plaatjies -Vox/Percussion

Music is universal and so is Kalahari Connection. Throughout the ages musical innovation and growth is frequently the result of ongoing fusion of diverse musical elements. The Kalahari is home to the Khoisan (Bushmen,) widely considered as the oldest surviving culture. Humanity spread globally from the Kalahari, our fore-bearers taking the first music with them to all parts of the world.

Kalahari Connection is a global collective of musicians from numerous cultures and nationalities, children of the Kalahari coming home to Africa. Each carries with them some of the infinite new sounds and flavours derived from the Kalahari, fusing these into new music that celebrates the rich human variety.

Kalahari Connection brings together elements of African, Indian, Chinese, Jazz, Rock and Classical Music on instruments such as Tabla, Chinese Bamboo Flute, Concert Flute, African Bows, Flutes, Percussion and Marimba, Bass Ukulele, Drums, Saxophone, African and Latin Percussion. Each band member shares a deep & long-standing connection with the music scene globally, a fact that speaks for itself.